morse code®: the ultimate polo shirt

wearing a polo shirt as it is meant to be

As a new lifestyle brand, built on experience, morse code® reinvents the polo shirt and reinstates its premium status. While known strengths like its efficiency and versatility are maintained, its full potential is finally recognized. The result is a passionate and modern translation of a stylish classic.

Whereas the possibilities of other garments have endlessly been exploited, the enormous potential of the polo shirt was never done right. Now morse code® goes back to the days when the polo shirt was stylish, adding an attitude that makes no effort to hide personality. At the same time morse code® takes the polo shirt one step beyond by pushing its degree of both innovation and comfort to the limit.

How is all of this achieved? Going back to the original polo shirt as it was introduced in the late 1800’s by the players of the Hurlingham Polo Club near Buenos Aires, Argentina, morse code® reintroduces the authentic button down collar. This allows you to wear this innovated polo shirt with a smart, high quality tie on more classy occasions. As soon as dressing down is required, however, the tie can be loosened and you are ready for a drink with friends. Even when worn the usual way, without a tie, it is easily distinguishable from ordinary polo shirts: the slim fit, the deep placket with four buttons and the extra short sleeves which emphasize the masculine biceps, all add plenty of sex appeal. So whatever the occasion, the morse code® polo shirt will make you communicate the right look, easily following you from one dress code to another. On top of that, the most exclusive cotton pique garantees the comfort you deserve.

Since morse code® wants to be known for the best polo shirts in the world, it focuses on one product only. Improvement and innovation will continue, new fabrics, colours, graphics, etc.will come into play to explore the full potential of the polo shirt. In time, the morse code® polo shirt range will be expanded.

The morse code® logo, straightforward and made of durable rubber, symbolizes the quality of the brand. Wearing it on the ‘right’ side of the polo shirt announces the creation of a new original.

morse code®: wear it right