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morse code®

Where does it come from?
Morse code communication, transmitted electrical pulses by audio tone, radio or visual signal, was created by Samual F. B. Morse in 1832.
morse code® clothing was created by Rudolph H.C. Mors(.) in 2008 and based on his family name and the legendary telecommunication of dots and dashes.

What does the morse code® logo mean?
The Morse code communication is based on short and long dots and dashes. Based on that we created the clean logo: a square dot and straight dash. The dot was put above the dash to emphasize the contra: short - long, white - black, old - new and to create a smile.

What does neck label say?
Thank you for buying morse code®.

What does the label on the shirt say?
Let’s communicate.

What does it say on the care label inside the shirt?
The morse code® alphabet.
Take good care of me.
Wear it “right”. – logo originally located on the right side of the chest.


Why the style names: Alpha1, Alpha2, Alpha3, Delta1, for the polo shirts?

As morse code® as communication tool was used by all international army"s we decided to use the Army Phonetic Alphabet names for our styles. 


What’s the best way to wash my shirt?
Please follow the wash instructions carefully on the care label inside the polo shirt.
Meaning please wash at 30 degrees to keep the fitting and please no dryer.
The polo shirt shrinks approx. 3% after wash. After wearing the fabric stretches roughly to the original. Ironing on the inside can help to get it back to its origin quicker.

Can you iron the polo shirt?
Yes, you can but please iron the polo shirt only inside out.
When ironing the collar of the polo shirt please be careful around the buttons, they are reinforced on the inside, but still you have to be careful.

Can you iron on the rubber logo’s at the front and back?
NO, you cannot iron on the rubber logo’s. By that, you will destroy them.

Are spare buttons provided?
Yes, there are two spare buttons: a big and a small one on the care label inside the polo shirt.