morse code®: the bright side of history repeating

efficiency and versatility never die

PAST .--.  .-  …  -

1832: Samuel F.B. Morse invents his Morse code. To this very day there is no other way of communication in the world as efficient and versatile. Since it can be transmitted by electrical pulses, by audio tone, by radio or visual signal (think of a pocket torch), the code knows no boundaries and is easily workable for each and every individual.

Morse’s dots and dashes change the face of communication forever, worldwide.

PRESENT .--.  .-.  .  …  .  -.  -

2008: Rudolf H.C. Mors invents a new way to encourage the use of morse code® by launching a new lifestyle brand, the  re-introduction of the polo shirt and is the first to draw on the full potential of this efficient and versatile garment. The morse code® vision of taking originals and moulding them according to contemporary fashion standards requires a thorough search for authentic products, somewhat disconnected from their history. The result is a passionate and modern translation of a stylish classic.

In a world of overcrowded communication morse code® deliberately chooses to speak an honest language in a clear voice.

FUTURE ..-.  ..-  -  ..-  .-.  .

….  :     If you know the past, you know the future: efficient and versatile as it is in both lifestyle and communication, morse code®’s straightforward approach is bound to be forever.


morse code®: let’s communicate